Feminism (Poetry)

Let’s stay blind.

We should ignore the blood on the floor.

Thirteen marrying thirty,

It doesn’t shake us to the core.

A young lady needs the restroom,

But she shouldn’t dare forget a buddy.

This whole world,

When did it get so muddy?

Let’s jump on board.

Hang a sign, share a post.

This whole feminist thing

Is just a glorified boast.


Not quite.

You’ll hear us bark,

And you’ll feel us bite.

Because I refuse

To be afraid to go places at night.

I deserve to feel protected.

That is my God-given right.

Cashier, Banker, Friend, Doctor.

People I shouldn’t have to fear.

“That’s life as a girl”

Is all I seem to hear.

Life isn’t fair,

That much I know,

But “boys will be boys”

Is an idea that must go.

Because girls can’t be girls

And that’s not okay.

Let us be who we are,

Listen as we say:

“I am not fragile,

No not at all.

Make me feel short again,

And you’ll see I can be quite tall.

I am not an object,

And one I will never be.

This world, how it is,

Is this what you want your daughter to see?”


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Life can be messy. Thank God I have my faith and my pencil.

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  1. Why should we just accept that it is a girl’s life and boys will be boys. We are entitled to live without fear and boys need to learn we are not just a pleasure toy. Tae you wrote this beautifully very thought provoking and feminism it is not for me, I would rather be feminine and treated properly. It is not a time I would like my daughter to live in. Life has become too harsh. Blessings

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    • Thank you for your comment! I too enjoy being feminine and treated as such- I’m definitely a sucker for a boy opening doors for me and standing up for me!

      The only way I think I fit into feminism is wanting equal pay in all areas as well as not having to be afraid of the potential of a bad man- if that makes any sense!

      Always enjoy your comments. God bless!

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      • well, the pay issue actually is feminism since feminism by definition is: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. women would appreciate an equal pay, which represents equality of the sexes. i’d simply like to be treated equally, and as you said: be allowed to walk about freely in safety! and of course, chivalry should not die! thank you again for your comments. πŸ™‚

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