Shelter for the Stars

21 October 2018

They told me I had the universe in my eyes. There was no limit- not when I was the keeper of the stars.

I grew and grew until I touched reality, and then I fell.

There was the abyss, but then there are my thoughts: deeper- much easier to find yourself lost in. So that’s where I remained. Traveling through the maze of my brain.

Funnily enough- that’s where I found myself. I was sitting in a corner with my nose nuzzled in a collection of Emily Dickinson. She told me, “The brain is wider than the sky.”

I understood. I still do. The brain is far vaster than any space or any time. It knows no boundaries, and it constantly becomes more complex as we learn small new nothings each and every moment.

How wonderful are we? To be larger than time and space. To “contain multitudes” as Walt Whitman would say. Are we not extraordinary?

You’ve never thought of yourself that way? Well I’m glad to have saved you the searching. Dive into one of the universes inside of you and tell me what you find. Let us never stop chasing as well as encouraging expansion.

You’ll learn quite quickly that the universe truly does take shelter inside your eyes. Stars dance inside your lungs- laughing joyously with every breath you breathe. Across your skin lies galaxies. Inside your blood is iron that you feed the planets to keep them alive.

Time and space is meant to be the most complex, constant concept of anything. That’s what the experts say.

How silly that even they can’t see the sparkles inside their own eyes. Why must we all think so little of ourselves?

You are not meant to be small. Don’t let the world make you believe anything different. The stars shine through your eyes and their light fills your smile.

How truly magnificent is that?



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