Just Keep Swimming

29 August 2018

“Just keep swimming.” -Dory

My mother used to say she’d count to five, and then that would be it. No more chances. After that, a change would be made. Either by me, or, the not-so-popular option, by her.

I’ve grown to respect her for it. For putting her foot down, and along the way teaching me a valuable life lesson of moving along and making changes as necessary in order to live the best life I can.

It’s harder than that, though.

So difficult, in fact, that I’ve grown up counting to a thousand. A million. Just awaiting a change in different people and situations that were going to do no such thing on their own.

We give so many things too many chances. Wearing ourselves thin until all we can manage is allowing the waves to take us where they will. Whatever is the least stressful, right?

That’s not right, though. That’s not our journey, not our story, and therefore, we will not be able to achieve our goals and our dreams if that’s the way we allow ourselves to live. The easy way.

Sometimes, you need to break away. Go after the life that is meant to be yours instead of tagging along with others simply because it’s easier. Maybe they don’t want you to leave, maybe you’re waiting on them to change, maybe being on your own is scary, maybe seeing someone on their own is intimidating enough for others to make it difficult on you.

Whatever the case may be, you have to know that people will not always be who we wish they could be. Who they have the ability to be. And it’s not your job to spend your life pleasing those people. You have your own adventure ahead.

It feels wrong, doesn’t it? Almost like watching someone swimming towards a cliff but choosing to swim away on your own.

Life is tricky like that. I, for one, would doggy paddle off Niagara Falls for some people who don’t really mind what I do. They are who they are, and I have to respect that.

Honestly, I have a lot of belief in people. I believe that they will find their way. Maybe they deserve that faith, maybe they don’t, who knows? It definitely doesn’t hurt me any to believe in humanity. Off topic, sorry.

All I know for sure is I need to do a better job of considering that maybe focusing on finding my way is more important than people and situations that are out of my control. I need to do a better job of not being scared to swim on my own. If I’m going to be taking any more chances on anyone or anything, then I need to be taking a chance on me.

Maybe you need to do that, too. Maybe it is time for us to start dipping a toe in the possibility of paddling in a different direction without some people. And maybe when we search those new waters, they will be bluer. (Is that a word??)

Maybe, just maybe, we will find those that replicate our hearts and hold onto us so tightly because they simply cannot bear the thought of us going under.

Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, and that’s okay. One thing to remember is that doesn’t mean you have to despise everyone you leave or who leaves you.

You can even catch up every now and then with those from your past. I encourage you to because even if that relationship or situation wasn’t best for you, the fond memories will always be there- laced with love.

The only thing I‘m really asking you from all of this is that you don’t let anyone or anything stray you from the path you know is rightfully yours. Because you do know, and it is time for you to act in the best interest for yourself. It’s time for you to take a chance on you instead of everyone else.

And don’t fret if you find yourself swimming alone for a while.



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  1. Oh wow Taelyn, you are a great writer ! I was scrolling through fb tonight and clicked on your moms post and it took me right to it 🤪.I really need to branch lol. Hopeful you get this reply :)!

    Take care!

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