Transparent Travel Thoughts

18 June 2018

I’m traveling to Wisconsin from Oklahoma, and the drive isn’t terrible. It’s long, slightly painful, and exhausting… but it’s beautiful. That seems to make up for everything.

I see the same skies from my home. The same dirt. The same trees.

But when you feel at home in God, I suppose you’re bound to feel at home anywhere on this earth. For He created it all, did He not?

The yellow in the flowers, the freedom of the clouds- peace has taken over me. Security is casted over me like a blanket that refuses to blow with the winds.

There’s so much to see. The world is so very big, and I so very small, but maybe not too small. Maybe not too unfamiliar. Not in the arms of my God, anyway.

Because you see- before Him and His love, I couldn’t envision the world the way I can now. I couldn’t live the way I can now.

Therefore, limitations no longer exist. He has given me the courage to do anything, to be anyone, and to go anywhere.

You are not small. Not with His massive love bestowed within your soul. Go somewhere, anywhere, and do so with the knowledge that He is beside you throughout it all. It is magnificent. It’s unlike anything at all, really.

To imagine his hands smoothing over the hills, lifting seeds into colossal trees… I continue to remain in awe because of our God. Don’t you?



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