Happy Father’s Day, God

17 June 2018

“A Father is someone to look up to no matter how tall you grow.” -Unknown

This is a beautiful day to celebrate our protectors. I’d like for us to take a moment, though, to reach up towards our Heavenly Father. Not to take away from those appointed to nourish our souls, but simply to praise the Maker of said soul.

Nimble fingers piecing together each detail. A reckless glow of love in His eyes as He watches from above. His extraordinary creation. All the times He smiled because we smiled, and all the times He hurt because we hurt.

I remember sitting in church and listening to the most eye-opening of lessons. The lesson being that God’s love is indeed reckless. He is a perfect God, yes, but His love is wild and uncontainable. Think about it. We mess up so much, do we not? A curse word, a lie, a sneer, etc. on a day-to-day basis. Our sins are the very reason He watched His one and only son, our Jesus Christ, be inhumanely murdered on the cross.

BUT despite all of this, God still loves us. He still has a beautiful path laid out for us. He still forgives us without a second thought.

He has blessed us all beyond belief, even if it is sometimes hard to see in times of struggle. Our Father is up above right now, peering down to see how we spend our day. Therefore, take this moment to remember to thank Him and to cast your love upwards just as well as outwards to the one He is trusting with your soul.



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