Plans vs Purpose

March 28, 2018

“The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Sometimes, things change. Other times, everything changes.

But those alterations are not what defines us. No, it is how we roll with the tide that will define us.

It is the bitterness, the happiness, and the downright sadness. It is how we grow and the more we know.

Our world will never remain still, and we do all we can to keep our motion sickness at bay. All the while, we have to make sure we are living. Not simply surviving.

We have been created, molded, beautifully with such purposeful hands. We have meaning.

The hardships we face, the nights we fall down screaming, are just as important- if not more- as those when we stay awake, eyes wide with laughter.

Nothing will slow down for you, no matter how still you stay. No, the lack of movement may very well keep you grounded, but it will also limit you only to what is on the ground.

There is a sky of rockets disobeying gravity, a wind in which no man can tame, and the dreams, oh the desires just out of arms reach, they can be devoured once you let go of your grasp on the grass.

We are meant for more than our minds can imagine. There is no such existence of worthlessness, nor will it ever exist. A gift has been bestowed upon you from the moment His nimble fingers wove you together.

You will find your gift when it is time, and then the blessing is yours to decide on.

He has laid a path for you, but it does indeed have its wrong turns, and it is not at all what you had planned. Therefore, the choice is yours.

Will you choose to do with it what God has planned for you? Or instead, lock it away, throw away the key, and continue your way with your face in the dirt?



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Life can be messy. Thank God I have my faith and my pencil.

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  1. Man proposes God disposes. No matter how many times people claim that man is the architect of his future, facts remain same that not even a leaf moves without God’s permission. The best plan is not to plan, live each moment as it comes and do the best with what you have, what you know, where you are and what you think is ethically and logically best for you to do. Surrendering yourself to your destiny and accepting everything that comes your way is the best plan in my opinion.

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    • i will start off by saying i truly love that view and absolutely understand what you are saying!

      in all actuality, though, that is quite difficult for the average person to walk blindly until finally finding what it is God has in store for them. sometimes, we just walk in a general direction until we are faced with choices. no man is perfect, we won’t always go the right way. that’s okay, though, because our God is beautifully merciful!

      i do agree with the absolute dedication to Him, though! you can never go wrong giving everything to God, that is for sure. 💜 thank you so much for your comment & your opinion!

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      • Life is a box of assorted chocolates and you never know which one you are going for. Nobody knows whats in store but have to keep moving nevertheless. Agree that everyone is flawed and we are as flawed and different as others and if we can accept ourselves that way then we should be brave enough to embrace others while having the liberty of being flawed and different. You are welcome Tae
        Happy long weekend!!

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      • i absolutely agree. this conversation was so warming and wonderful. i wish more people today could discuss important matters as we have instead of resulting to hate speech. happy long weekend to you as well!! 💜

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