Late Night or Early Morning? (Poetry)

it’s 5 in the morning.

i can’t sleep.

the voices in my head,

they continue to weep.

because i can’t stop.

i think and think and think.

something here, something there-

i have to find the link.

and if i can’t make sense,

who can?

i’m supposed to live this life-

not be another fan.

“to be or not to be”

well what if i’m not?

my writing really is

all that i’ve got.

my messiness-

is it showing?

my flaws,

they must be glowing.

no matter, though,

i won’t keep mourning.

after all,

it’s 5 in the morning.




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Life can be messy. Thank God I have my faith and my pencil.

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  1. Many fight the same fight for many nights. You aren’t alone fighting this battle so hold strong. The bad thing about good times and good thing about bad times is same that they pass. This too shall pass. Focus on your health and try to cheer yourself up in the meantime.

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