Every{body} is Beautiful

March 4, 2018

“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.” – Cheri K. Erdman

I’m not sure quite where to begin. There’s so much to one topic that simply should not be up for discussion in the first place.

I’ll start here: the ‘perfect body’ changes every so many years. In earlier years, the women were meant to be bigger. It was healthy. There are years where athletic builds are in, and next it’s the skinniest size that wins the beauty contest.

The clothing trends change along with that ‘perfect body’ and make it so we feel like we must fit into the mold in which society has laid out for us; otherwise, we are stuck wearing clothing that isn’t pretty enough. Not good enough.

We are to have a thigh gap ten years ago, but today our thighs must be bigger in proportion to the rest of our body.

And I understand that guys are also held to unreachable standards, and that is in no way, shape, or form fair either.

So we analyze and tear apart each figure we see. We hate the ‘perfect body’, but we want nothing else more.

We will starve. We will over-eat. We will take pills from fancy commercials on the television that destroy our livers. We risk our health.

Do we even realize it?

Do we understand that obsessing over this figure that we see in others won’t make us happy?

Distorting the sight of beauty in others is bad, but how are we expected to see those that are ‘perfect’ with anything but envy when we can’t find confidence in ourselves? When we don’t feel secure and just simply pretty?

Being fit is one thing, and it is wonderful. Eating correctly and taking care of ourselves is widely encouraged for good reason, but there’s a very thin line between orderly eating and disorderly eating.

Orderly eating is just being on top of your health and not binge-eating chocolate chip cookies.

Disorderly eating is close to an obsession. You feel guilt, almost self-hatred, when you don’t eat what is on your diet. You try out every diet you see. Your body is literally close to all you think about.

Understand these terms. Then, understand that you’re beautiful so long as you’re kind. If your heart is pretty, then so is everything on the outside.

In my religious opinion, this body is but a shell. It is not what will be examined on judgement day. Focus on your inside beauty because that is all that is truly important.

As far as confidence in your body does go, just know you’re gorgeous. That’s all. Wear whatever you want. Whatever makes you feel pretty. Because at the end of the day, if you feel beautiful and walk with your head held high, then I promise you won’t feel as negative and self-conscious. You’ll feel strong.

the following is a poem by yours truly:

cut me in half,

or fill my stomach to the brim.

the scale says too small,

or maybe that i need a trim.

desire me this way,

but one day want that.

these words are so empty:

skinny, muscular, fat.

beauty keeps changing,

what is it now?

today, i am front cover perfection,

but tomorrow, a cow.

unreachable standards,

even on my tippy toes.

“beauty is fleeting” they claim,

i say, “who knows?”

this body is but a shell,

simply protecting true treasures.

compassion, bravery, perseverance,

nothing else measures.

so say again,

that we do not impress today’s eyes.

because inside we know,

that’s not where true beauty lies.



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