High School Isn’t Forever

Feb 25, 2018

“In our minds we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew.” – Jerry Spinelli

It’s just high school.

You’ve heard the adults say that, but you brush it off. You ignore the words that were woven from experiences much like the ones you will soon face. Why?

It feels like so much more, I know. This moment feels like a millennium. What you say, what you do, what they think… all of that has created a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are so sure will continue to be carved out at each passing glance.

High school has become a world. These four years have become a lifetime.

Students are beginning to actually believe that all of this will matter in the future. This pure-hearted belief that what the people in that old, worn-out building say is some sort of scripture is what creates canyons of stress along a young boy’s forehead.

I’ll let you in on my secret. I saw it once on my Instagram timeline, and I am not sure who said it, but I thank you dearly because I’ve began to live with it tucked neatly in my pocket wherever I go.

This lifeline of mine is what I like to call The Rule of Fives. It is a simple concept, really. If what has happened to you today will not matter in five years, then do not think about it for any more than five seconds.

Furthermore, the rule can be applied even more drastically to say that if that girl’s opinion will not change the course of the next five months of your life, then do not acknowledge it for more than five seconds.

Think long-term. High school is so very short-term, I promise.

This is not the rest of your life. Not even close.

It’s barely any portion of your life at all, honestly. You can make it through it.

These people who are doing so well… high school could very well be the best years of their lives. You don’t want to settle for that. Go do more. Go be more.

This portion of your life is not as significant as it feels in this moment.

There is so much more for you in the future if you’ll just make it there. Then, you can see for yourself the things you’re meant to do, the places you’re meant to be, and the people you’re meant to change.

The world is so much bigger than these classrooms and that football field. It’s okay if you don’t feel like you fit. This place is too small for you.

You are meant for the world- not for this confined space.

Don’t blow it off. I’m not saying that. Try your best in every class, be a friendly face in the hall, join the clubs that interest you and participate, but then grab that diploma and get the heck out.

Do whatever makes you happy.

Just don’t let this small portion of your life feel like it’s too much. I promise it’s not.

You are meant for so very much more.



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