To My Fellow Underdogs:

Feb. 4, 2018

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Leon C. Megginson

Oftentimes, I wonder if I’m making the right choices. Don’t you?

Because turning down this path could mean many things. New paths could open up, other options might close down, and maybe there’s no way back. Maybe this path will change the course of my entire existence.

Maybe it won’t.

What a guessing game this life thing is, wouldn’t you agree?

Just a bunch of heads or tails, really. Nobody knows for sure. We like to act like we do, though.

Because when people think we have it figured out, they admire us. They follow us. They believe in us.

The truth is, nobody knows what on earth they’re doing.

We’re all just trying to make it. To survive. And in the end, to enjoy it.

Everyone has a different endgame with different mazes to outsmart, but we are truly one in the same. We just want to make it.

In our faith, in our relationship, in our job. Each and every person simply craves to meet their goals. That’s all.

So allow yourself to cheer for the underdog. In reality, there will never be a person that you meet on this earth that is anything more than just that- the underdog.

Because life, well, life is tricky. To say the absolute least. All bets are placed in life’s favor because it can destroy us at any given moment. Can it not?

That’s why I cheer for you. Whoever you are, whatever you want to do- I’m making it publicly known that all my money is on you. I have to put it on you.

If I don’t, who will be in my corner when I need them?

If you only cheer for yourself, if you only focus on your successes and winnings against life, then you’ll have a rude awakening. Life doesn’t play fair.

The only way for us to win with such impossible chances is to have people on our side. To have strength in numbers. To never have to feel like we are losing alone.

That, my wonderful fellow underdogs, is how we bind together to change each other’s lives for the better. And that, that will be how we win.




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Life can be messy. Thank God I have my faith and my pencil.

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