Positivity Pledge

Jan. 28, 2018

“You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.” – Deepak Chopra

People will talk. People will judge. They will be blind to their own faults, and insist that yours are the only ones worth mentioning. Worth spreading. Worth falsely creating.

I used to like the idea of there being a good part to each person. That if I just put myself in their shoes for one moment, I would understand why they were acting out in such an ugly way. But it isn’t really worth it.

Because why waste even a second that you could be carelessly living and loving, on someone determined to steal hours from you? Hours that you can not get back.

Go be you. The world is full of kind words and beautiful souls, so go search for them. Be one of them. Spend your time freeing yourself from hostile environments, and instead, flourish in your own world with your own happiness. Do what is ultimately best for you.

There is so much good in the world, please, do not focus on the bad. Once you divert your eyes from the staring match you’ve initiated with the devil, you will see bliss all around you. The cruel is only a small percentage, even if it sometimes feels greater, and you should not have to fight for shaky happiness. Uneven peace.

Your smile should not be able to be torn from your cheeks at any given moment. No, what an anxious life to live. What an unacceptable life to have to live. I would not wish that on anyone.

I believe in good karma. Do good, receive good. The world has to have balance; therefore, it is not your job to determine if someone should inherit blessings or curses, no, if their presence does not help you glow or grow, then leave. It is so simple. Nobody is forcing you to remain tied to such a heavy anchor. Free yourself.

Go on, live your life. Forget the past, for it should not have any power over you at all. No good can possibly come from walking forwards while you are staring behind you. So, forget the people and the places that did not radiate positivity into you.

It’s time to move on to what is better suited for you and the life you are meant to live.



(P.S. haha i am battling an awful writer’s block at the moment, so this is not my best piece, but i do still love the message, so here we are! also, i have done a few upgrades to my website such as pictures, quotes, and even a few of my favorite songs! so, feel free to check all of that out! all the love, tae xx.)

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