Sometimes I wonder if everyone feels like their floating.

Do you?

Flying through life on your back with the clouds covering you like a safety blanket.

Is this serenity?

The time will rise when the blankets tear themselves apart, screaming through their tears and lashing out at anything beautiful below. If they’re sad, the earth should be, too.

You cover your ears & cry with them.

They leave for a while, disappear, and you’re free falling through the wind. You reach out to grasp anything, anything at all, but when you get close, you’re blown to the other side of the sky.

You’re alone.

The wind wheezes with hyena-like laughter, and the vegetation moves with them. Nobody wants to go against the wind.

Sometimes, you hit the ground.. but sometimes, your back is blown flush against the wisps of hair that are familiar to you. The winds’ game stops when the clouds are back.

Is this serenity?

At night, you’re left hidden in a field of the tallest weeds you’ve ever seen. The prettiest, too.

Watching the stars wink and the moon pout, you sink through the ground and find yourself twirling around in the gaps between them.

They reach and reach, wanting to know how contact feels. How it must be extraordinary to be given affection.

Alas, when your hand meets theirs, a painful shock drags its claws down both of your arms and into your toes.

Perhaps next time, maybe, it will instead be a spark.

Awakening on the clouds, and trying not to weep for the ones you keep secret, the toxic stars from the darkest parts of night.

“Slept well. Never woke. Slept all through the night.”

For that, praise from the sun. The envious ones beneath the clouds beg to know when the warmth will be back, but you need it more. You need it most.

So the sun combs her fingers through your hair and whispers like smoke fluttering through the air until your eyes are alive once more with fire.

Serenity. This whole life must be serenity.

Is this how you feel?



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