If WE Don’t, Who Will?

Why do I do this?

Why would I propel myself into a spotlight that’s proven to shed more darkness than light?

Why would I risk a disruption in my peaceful, easy life?

I’ve been asked this. People are genuinely curious as to how I am brave enough to do this. They wonder how I’m such a ‘natural’ at it.

Well it’s, simple, really.

I’m not being brave. I’m being me.

If you’ve asked me a similar question to those previously mentioned, then you’ve heard my response:

If I don’t do this, who will?

If I don’t speak up for what I believe is right, then will it ever be spoken for?

If I do not share my wildest theories and my most drastic dreams, then will anyone think of them? Will they be lost in the black hole that is fear?

If I do not bear my darkest secrets, then will anyone let others know they’re not alone?

Stop asking why I would take on a task so much bigger than myself. Instead, ask me why on earth I’ve waited this long.

Ask me why I’m so scared to publish my book.

Ask me why I am so afraid to advertise this blog more.

Ask me why I am holding back from the topics that set a fire to my soul.

Ask me how I can say I’ve given my dream my all, and yet sell myself short at the same time.

You believe this takes guts? You applaud me for how open I am? You thank me for talking about issues in a new light?

This isn’t guts, no, not to me. Hold your applause and your thanks until I have uncaged my mind. Wait to praise me for my bravery until I am sweating on camera while I speak about the things everyone ignores.

I want to awaken the broken that we’ve sent to sleep. I dream about having the confidence to analyze what people everywhere blindfold themselves from.

Hold me to higher standards.

Name me brave when I’ve done something that can truly honor that name.

And please, hold yourself to those same standards. Follow your dreams recklessly with such clear eyes and such a pure heart that you cannot fail no matter how many times you stumble.

Your dreams are your dreams for a reason. If you don’t follow them, who will?



***P.S. :

i love, love, love you all so much!!! the amount of support and feedback you have shown me is absolutely unreal.

i never expected this to become what it has in such a short amount of time, and at the end of the day it’s thanks to you. yes, you reading this right now. every single view, every single follow, every single email & text & Facebook message & twitter message & instagram message & everything absolutely fills my heart to the brim! thanks a million, really.

stick with me on this crazy journey because i’ll show up every week no matter what, but for you to show up every week, too? that means you care, that means you want to change people the way i do, and that means you belong here just as much as i do.

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