I Stand Alone

When you feel most alone… that’s when you know you’re on the right path.

The days when you feel completely and utterly abandoned.

The feelings of not quite fitting. Not with your friends, not with your significant other, and not with your family.

You’re the oddball.

You stand alone.

As much as it hurts, you’re doing what is best for you. I applaud you for that.

Because leaving is hard enough, but allowing yourself to be left is a pain that lingers long after the person has gone out of sight.

All of us try so hard to shave off pieces of ourselves in order to fit perfectly with those who surround us, but is harmony worth misery?

You’ll travel alone until you glance to the side and see someone walking the same road as you.

They have the same vision, the same morals, the same heart. And you’ll be at peace with them.

It’s okay to fight for someone, but it’s never okay to die fighting for them.

Am I going against your fairytales? I apologize. Allow me to explain.

He’s leaving. He’s walking away. He does not want you anymore.

You’re holding onto him. You’re refusing to let him go. But still, he does not want you anymore.

He’s allowing you to hold on as he continues to walk. Dragging you across the ground. The gravel scraping away at you, one layer at a time.

He does not slow down, nor does he ask if you’re alright.

He doesn’t care.

You’re killing yourself to love someone who wouldn’t risk a stain on their favorite shirt for you.

Let go.

Be alone.

Today’s society tells us that being alone is awful. We need someone to make us matter. To make us happy.

That’s ridiculous.

If you’re weak on your own, then you need to be on your own.

You need to grow as you. Be your own person. Be strong on your own two feet instead of leaning on someone else.

Why is independence ridiculed?

I believe that to take on life on your own is the most admirable adventure anyone could accomplish.

You don’t need him. You don’t need her.

The only person you truly need, and will always have, is you. So, be the most outstanding you that you can be.

The rest will come when it’s time.



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