Dear Angel

When does a memory become a memory?

When will my heart stop aching at the mention of your name?

When, please tell me when, I won’t cry for you in my highest highs and lowest lows.

It’s been so long, but it feels like just yesterday, you had me in your arms. You shielded me from the world. Now, I’m left vulnerable. Unguarded.

Because I can’t reach you now.

I strain my muscles and climb the tallest buildings, but still, my finger tips only feel air. That’s where you should be. That’s where you were.

I took it for granted. I took you for granted.

The assumption that someone will always be in your life is the most idiotic thought you could think.

People leave.

People die.

But this world- some say it keeps turning. No, not quite. Your absence has the natural rotation of the earth unsteady. It jerks, speeds up, slows down, and sometimes, it seems to stop.

How long is too long for my entire being to long for you?

You’d be proud. I’m my very own person. I’ve grown into my skin. I’m me. I wish you could be here to see.

I know. I’ll see you again one day, but until that day comes, I won’t fail to break my heart missing you each time I turn and you’re not there.

When does the hurt go away?

Please, I miss you everyday.



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