Taelyn’s Theory of Evolution 

I’m always changing. Always evolving.

Who am I today?

Don’t worry. I’ll be different tomorrow.

Not entirely. No. But my thoughts will be different. I’ll miss someone less, love someone more, my knowledge will expand, my understanding might dwindle.

Who knows?

But I’ll be a different version of myself.

So will you.

We never cease to change as every breath we breathe disrupts the calm unity of the air in our path.

Humans destroy. We destroy things. We change things. We are on a constant path of disorganization and craziness.

Everything and everyone around us is evolving at a rapid pace, and therefore, so are we.

Who you were yesterday will never be who you are each day to come.

Isn’t that incredible? Aren’t you amazed?

That’s why it’s hard to love.

You’re changing, they’re changing, and therefore, your love is altering as well.

That’s why it’s hard to plan.

Literally everything is different from the moment you were basing your plans off of.

That’s why it’s hard to live.

But wait-

That’s why it’s worth it to live.

Yesterday isn’t today. Nor is it tomorrow or 5 years from now.

To end the life of today means to never experience all your different lives to come. Each day is a new life. It’s okay if today’s didn’t work out wonderfully. Try again tomorrow.

I get it. Change is scary.

Someone who loved you yesterday might just up and leave.

Someone who hated you yesterday might decide differently.

Nobody knows what will happen.

But isn’t that incredible? Aren’t you amazed?

You’ll move on.

Life will drag you onto the next place you’re meant to be with the people you’re meant to affect, and you will be okay.

Life is scary, but it’s incredible.

Aren’t you amazed?



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Life can be messy. Thank God I have my faith and my pencil.

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