Knight in Shining Armor

You don’t need a knight in shining armor.

This post may sound directed towards the female population, but give me a chance to explain.

You are so much stronger than you could possibly imagine, and most of the time, it takes getting the wind absolutely knocked out of our lungs for us to realize this, and that just, for lack of a better term, sucks.

Stop letting it get to that point. Stop underestimating yourself.

There will come a time in your life where you are all alone. Maybe not literally, but for some reason, inside the clutches of the darkest parts of your mind, you’ll believe it’s you against the world.

When that time comes, I need you to understand that at that same time there has to be a part of your mind that claims, “I can save myself.”

Learn to be your own hero.

People will let you down, and honestly, the moment will arise where your relationship pertaining to your religion is in the gutter, too. You will literally feel completely helpless.

Let’s say you do find someone to lean on, someone to hold onto, well what about when they let you down?

Each and every single one of us is only human. You cannot base your entire set of emotions and dreams on another person. They should not have any power over you at all.

Because I’m so sorry, but when someone clearly sees that they have you under their thumb, the conscious that shrieks at them not to do something for your sake will turn to a slight whisper because they can’t imagine you ever leaving.

The sad part? Neither can you.

Not now. Not when they’re all you’ve got. That familiar friend, loneliness, well the thought of holding his hand again shakes you to the core.

So you continue to get hurt by this person that you know cares for you and loves you with all their heart, but wait-

You’re assuming.

The level to which your admiration and love for them reaches blinds you to the fact that you’re not entitled to recieving those same feelings in return.

Yes, they rescued you from being alone, but that could mean the world to you while in their case it’s only a passing thought at the time of your mentioning it.

Open your eyes. You’re in front of a mirror.

Who do you see?

You? Or who you’ve allowed this person to mold you to be as a consequence of your simple fear of losing them?

Who do you want to be?



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