We Are Not the Jury

Oct. 30, 2017

I saw a girl today with bright blue eyes, dull brown hair, and she only ever seemed to slightly lift the corners of her mouth when everyone else was laughing hysterically.

I saw another girl today. She had dull brown eyes, bright blonde hair, and she seemed to be the one making everyone so happy.

You’ve formed a judgement in your mind about these two girls. It’s okay, well it’s not, but for now, don’t push the thoughts away. Roll with it.

Let me tell you more.

The dull brown hair is because she doesn’t care much about appearances. Oh, but you probably assumed she was poor? Or maybe just unhealthy?

She’s only halfway lifting her lips because she doesn’t find the jokes funny. They aren’t her taste. When the joke is at the expense of someone else, well it’s not really a joke at all. How could you expect her to laugh?

The bright blue eyes? A contrast to everything else about her, aren’t they? That’s her heart. A lovely, vibrant heart filled with love from her family & few close friends.

Your judgement about her has shifted now that you’ve seen inside her soul.

What about the blonde? The one teasing others.

You’ve labeled her, okay, let me expand.

Her hair is bright blonde because her appearance means everything to her. She doesn’t want people to like her. No, she needs them to.

Her meanness is wrong, and there’s no excuse, but in her mind she’s not realizing that what she’s saying would hurt the other person if they found out because she’s focused on the laughs she’s drawing in by the boat load.

Wait, her eyes. That’s where you learn who she is. Her dull brown eyes are where her secrets hide. They crawl into the cracks littering her heart. The pesticides of unreachable standards and self-hatred.

Do you know her now?

No. You don’t know the other girl either. You’ve got your speculations, but your explanations will never surpass a low C.

Nobody acknowledges how complex and diverse others are when it comes to judging them but then will persist with the mantra of ‘nobody can judge me because they haven’t been in my shoes’.

Double standard?


It’s not our place to judge others. I understand the habit, but we need to watch for it and keep it to the most minute it can be.

Be kind to everyone, judge no-one, and keep yourself in line.



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    • thank you so much. this is, in my opinion, the highest compliment i could be given. i’ve read some of your work, and i definitely look forward to reading much more of your raw, in-depth pieces. beautiful work, really! 😄

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