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Oct. 1, 2017

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” – Unknown

The Golden Rule, well when I was in elementary school that’s what we learned it as. This is such a well-known quote that I have heard it from several mouths, so I’m not entirely sure who uttered the thought first, but I do know Luke 6:31 resembles these words very accurately, so maybe that is where the thought originated. Maybe it’s not. Maybe you refuse to believe that is where it came from, or maybe the only way you’ll rely on the words is if they’re in the Bible.

It doesn’t matter. This is not about religion, race, gender, or anything that people will manipulate to segregate themselves and/or others. This, like most things should be, is about people. It’s about everyone.

This issue stands on every single one of our shoulders. There is no one religion, race, gender, political status, etc. to blame. If this were a murder trial every single human being would have red, hot blood dripping from their fingertips by the gallon.

Why? Because we are all guilty.

We are all smothered in guilt because we have all been the murderer, or the witness, or the victim. I know it sounds odd, but yes, even the victim is to blame.

If you’ve been put down, and you stay down, then what have you done to prevent others from feeling what you felt?

If you’ve been put down, and you get up, then hopefully you’ve done something to prevent others from feeling what you felt.

Either way, at some point you’ve let the negativity into your pure heart, and it has clawed its way up your throat and out of your mouth to crawl into someone else’s. Then, it chokes them up, that negativity digging its way to their heart makes their throat go dry. Next, sometimes, it makes them cry.

What an awful feeling, to know you’re to blame for someone being sad.

Let’s take it a couple steps further: what an awful feeling, to know you’re to blame for someone feeling like they’re not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not muscular enough, not smart enough, not enough.

So maybe you don’t care, well yes, actually, you do. But maybe you still think you don’t, so allow me to attempt to persuade you otherwise.

There’s such thing as a domino effect. Have you heard of it? One thing causing a chain reaction? Well that girl you just teased for not fitting your expectations, she will be so hurt that at some point she’s going to tease someone for not fitting hers because everyone thrives on the feeling of superiority.

It’s the only thing that makes them feel better, to know that there’s someone who is worse than them. So tearing down one person isn’t really tearing down just one person in the broader scope of life, you’re actually tearing down what could turn out to be hundreds of people down the road because you contributed to the domino effect. You kept it going.

Well now you need to realize that nobody fits the criteria for judging who is enough and who isn’t because if you want honesty: nobody is perfect.

Shocking? Because that girl on the front of that magazine, she looks perfect, doesn’t she? Well there’s always someone better. That famous scientist who is known all across the globe? Someone smarter will come along.

But there’s such a difference between being perfect and being enough. Everyone is enough, and since nobody is perfect, then nobody holds the ‘privilege’ of deciding otherwise about anyone. In that case, don’t tear people down for the aspects of themselves that don’t meet your standards, and honestly, the only standards you should have about anyone should concern their heart and only that.

Furthermore, if those standards aren’t met, then you should try to constructively love that person. Build them up in positivity and watch in wonder as they blossom to exceed anyone’s hopes for them.

I promise that feeling of building someone up is so much more fulfilling and everlasting than the delusion that you’re on top of the world when you stand on a piece of someone else that you ripped off.

I also promise that words and actions are permanent once they’re said or done. The memory of what you said cannot be drowned out no matter how loud you scream the word sorry, and no matter how many pieces of tape and sticks of glue you use. Moreover, that piece you’ve torn from that person will never fit as beautifully as it used to, and the scar will always be a shameful reminder of the pain you caused.

We are made to serve. We are made to love.

We are not made to destroy. We are not made to judge.



(also wanted to leave a note just thanking everyone for the amount of support and love they’ve shown myself and my blog! it’s honestly just been such a dream come true, and this is going to sound so teenager-ly, but it’s so cool! every like and comment and share and even just every view makes me smile so big! thanks a million!!!)

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